MyBhaskar Pest Control India Private Limited is established in 2008  with a group of expert professionals, technically qualified and trained with proven abilities and excellent track record in the field of Pest Control, to offer a new concept in Pest Management .Date of incorporation is 24/10/2019.

The emphasis is to ensure the quality service with utmost safety to human and the environment. Our policy is to ensure customer safety and satisfaction by strictly adhering to quality standards and judicial norms of highly selective & safe insecticides/pesticides .
The promoters of MPCI have an experience of almost 25+ years in the field of Pest Management derived out of dedicated hard work and exposure to complex pest problems in the past. MPCI is a well organized and professionally managed Pest Control Operator(PCO) and established with a strong team of dedicated people. MPCI has emerged as an trusted organization with a good reputation by earning customer satisfaction.

Today, MPCI has its clientele with a large number of esteemed Companies and Corporates of repute and has gained a good position in the market. MPCI is synonymous with organization that offers quality service. With the present infrastructure and a dedicated band of technically qualified and trained service personnel, MPCI is competent to handle effectively and complete successfully any volume of pest management assignments anywhere in the country .

This brief company profile is an earnest attempt to project our strength to impress the website visitors with a better insight of the organization and to identify the key personalities behind MPCI successful struggle and the purposeful existence over the years .

The Management Team of MyBhaskar Pest Control India Private Limited has a wealth of experiences, knowledge and skills in managing the growth of the business. Mr. Mahesh Bhaskar, Director, is very dedicated and knowledgeable person.Our team is very focused on building and delivering the quality of service in meeting or exceeding customers expectation and needs. This is made possible by our constant training programme, coaching, guiding and motivating all levels of staff.
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  • www.mybhaskarpestcontrolindia.com

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